Software projects


Chew is a data acquisition language for data science. It has a demo site and github page.


whohas is a command line tool to query many Linux, BSD, and Fink/MacPorts repositories. It has its own webpage.



Below are some older scripts. The recursive stuff in the first section is still pretty cool.

Document preparation software - this Bourne shell script fixes a glitch in filenaming under RedHat Linux 9 that would otherwise prevent you from compiling a .dvi from a Latex with bibliographies. And it could save you a bit of typing. Added 20 November 2003. and imports Science Citation Index aka Web of Science references from html into Bibtex format. Added 22 November 2003. sorts your .bib file alphabetically according to the reference handles. This is useful when you have merged your imported and original files. Added 24 November 2003.

Instructions for using and can be found here.

Update: Actually, there is a much better way to do this. Use bib2refer or some other tool from here (offline?) here ( copy).

Web content generating tools, and converts an indented textfile (e.g. a menu structure) into a tree of hierarchically linked web pages. Here is an example of a structure made using this script, from this text source. Added 1 November 2003. - same as above, and also draws a browsable path. Added 20 November 2003. - same as before, and allows external links at the tips of the tree. Added 20 November 2003. takes a Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox bookmark html file and converts it into a series of hyperlinked pages in the manner of, above. You may find this useful if you have a lot of well-organised bookmarks and want to put them on the web. Again, text browser is king for navigating them! Added 22 February 2004.


vocab.xls - a vocabulary trainer for Microsoft Excel, written as a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macro. Added 5 May 2003. and is a Perl implementation of research recently conducted at the University of Edinburgh. Wonder what it does? Woednr waht it deos? Added 20 October 2003. is a variation on the same theme. This one cuts longer words up into chunks and scrambles these separately from each other. Added 1 November 2003. - returns the subscripts of array elements for all possible combinations and permutations of elements of a unidimensional array of given size. Added 4 November 2003.

TODO Mugar



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