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Wesche, P. L. & Robinson, T. J. 2012. Different patterns of Robertsonian fusion pairing in Bovidae and the house mouse: the relationship between chromosome size and nuclear territories. Genetics Research 94 (2), 97-111.

Wesche, P. L., Gaffney, D. J. & Keightley, P. D. 2004. DNA Sequence Error Rates in Genbank Records Estimated using the Mouse Genome as a Reference. DNA Sequence 15, 362-364.

Addendum 1: In Table 1, the column labelled "Nucleotides" is referring to the actual number of nucleotides (or sequence length), and should contain a single number of order 100,000 for each sequence class (cds, 5p/3p UTR, introns), not two numbers separated by a comma and space.

Addendum 2: We found no evidence of an improvement in sequencing accuracy over time in submissions spanning from 2000 to 2003 (only coding sequence tested).

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